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Arlene S. Kaplan

Professional Wealth Builder, Wealth Educator & Advocate

Arlene S. Kaplan is founder and president of ASK Advisory Group, LLC and the architect and leader of Wealth Builder Workshops. Calling upon her experience on Wall Street, her passion for the financial markets and her expertise in investment management and portfolio strategy, Arlene's Wealth Builder Workshops educate people about investing in the financial markets and help people to master their relationship with money and wealth.

Arlene went to Wall St. after graduating from Penn State University with a BA in sociology. Since the financial markets are very deeply impacted by group behavior and investor psychology, Arlene often quips that her undergraduate degree is an invaluable tool for market study. Arlene also has an MBA in finance, and is an ongoing student of the financial markets.

In her various capacities in the investment industry, Arlene always worked in market-facing areas, where both her market skills and investment savvy propelled her to the top of her field. Her expertise in investment management and portfolio strategy were an excellent background for Arlene's investment advisory practice.  Currently, Arlene is a private stock market investor, career coach,  a past chair of the Budget & Finance Committee of the Penn State Alumni Association; wealth educator and financial and life strategist.

It is evident that Arlene she lives and breathes money, and her candid reveal of her personal background and experience around money and investing brings a down-to-earth, human element to all who experience her work, whether it's in a large group or a one-to-one conversation.


Arlene fully cherishes life! On a typical day, she can be found engaging in any number of pursuits including:  reading about the stock market, investing, and researching company specific material on the internet. She fully embraces technology, and keeps up with new technologies. Arlene loves to sing, watch college football and basketball, community activism (former President of her civic association), advocate for women's advancement, volunteer for a number of causes, education, fitness, experiencing nature, and especially sharing special moments with family, friends, and colleagues.

Goals for the near future include: As a people-person Arlene is always looking for ways to make a difference and help others live more fully and invest more competently; and freeing up time for travel, family, fun and nurturing important relationships.